A Brief History of Knight Armor

Dark night armor, in its starting stages, was used occassionaly in conjunction with snail mail shirts. The ‘mail’ was performed of tiny, round bits of metal linked collectively to create a range of protection. Due to the limitations of string mail, armor personnel wanted other ways to protect warriors and knights against their foes’ blows. Trials were brought forth, incorporating metal plates with the conventional mail. 

At first, middle ages armor was used to cover the upper body of the wearer; it was attached to or under the chain email. Later, modifications were executed and additional plates were proposed to protect the shoulder and elbow areas; legs; and, the mind and face areas of the body. Knight shield was constructed with the hopes of minimizing bumps; stopping broken bones; and, stopping the penetration of opposing weapons.

Those interested in constructing medieval dark night armor became savvy in using metals. The ‘suit of armor’ was gradually coming to fruition. Even more modifications had knight shield almost completely encasing their wearer. Overlapping plates were used to cover any spots becoming open during movement. Chain mail was implemented in spots where it was impossible to work with metal china.

When knight armor come to its eclipse, warriors appreciated complete protection, while the weight was distributed and movement was minimally limited. Wearers could mount their horses, traverse the land on foot, and participate in battle. Suit of armor metal plates were built to grant complete liberty of motion while keeping absolute guard.

The advancement of firearms triggered the eventual decay of old armor. Mobility and speed became greater assets during battle, so heavy china associated to a suit of armor became less advantageous than in earlier eras. Though the traditional suit of armor dropped into obscurity, warriors still used pieces of dark night armor during battle such as shields, swords, and knight helmets.

In this world, armory has progressed into sleek and super-light materials that are not very comparable to traditional knight armor, yet present and past armor provide the same purpose. The evolution of armor will continue as new ways of protecting and combating wearers are devised.

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