Start A Biking Fitness Routine

Improving your health can start in simple ways such as planning your daily meals and maintain an exercise program.  Running and biking are some cardio exercise routines that you can easily start even without a fitness trainer.  Those who know how to bike can easily start with a good bicycle and cycling gears.  Biking with the proper techniques in place targets the lower muscle groups and improves lower body strength.  This will help you enhance your body’s energy level and subsequently helps you feel better because of the release of endorphins.  Hence, you are not only improving your endurance and flexibility but you are also reducing stress.

Biking is one of the exercises that stimulate the immune system by improving the flow of air in the body as well as the blood circulation.  It is also one of the recreational exercises that have instant health benefits.  Even if you are riding on a stationary bike, you can still have the same benefits from those who take the scenic biking trails.  Stationary bikes have intensity levels which you can adjust to target other lower body muscle areas.  This is also a great cardiovascular routine which will help you condition the body to other cross-training exercises.  Since biking targets the lower muscle group, you may cross train with running or a workout program that hits on the upper muscle groups.

As you are starting this exercise program, start slow and then gradually increase the intensity of the exercise.  Do not drastically put your body into an intense routine to avoid muscle pain, injuries, and fatigue.  Work at a pace that you can handle as you still need to strengthen your muscle fibers.  Before embarking on any fitness routine, it is also advisable to consult your doctor especially if you have been feeling ill lately.  Riding the bike for at least three times weekly is already good enough and 30 minutes to an hour per session is also adequate.  Apply even and fluid strokes on the pedal and practice your form.  Do not push too hard on the pedals and adjust the gears to get around 70 revolutions per minute.

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