Face Painters – Have You’ve Realised That Everything You Knew About Setting Your Prices Was Wrong?

A few couple of pricing strategies i would like to share with you, but first I need to make it clear that what is befitting one Face Plumber or Entertainer may well not always be best for another. hire a face painter

Have a look at 3 of the different pricing structures below and see which one your Face Painting or Entertainment business matches:

1. Happen to be you setting your prices to match the opponents in your area? Can be this the right thing so that you can do? Are these claims the best market price to get the best value? Where did they get their pricing strategy from anyway? Do you have the same the desired skill set, the same business over-heads and advertising expenses? Carry out they have staff to pay, or a commercial car or van to run? Draught beer working the business as an or perhaps pocket money hobby or as a full-time business? You don’t have to follow just like a little lost lamb, if you believe your prices justify being lower or higher than your competitors, then set them to indicate just that. 

2. Might be to win more business you’ve opted to lower your prices to beat your competition. You are in reality ‘buying your work’. This really is heading to do nothing for the way in which your customers interprets you as you will very fast become know as cheap, low quality, and amateur. You are also rendering it hard for everybody else by de-valuing your industry. Is that what you have gone into business for? You must remember that you are not a Charity – you are in business and should be purchased the value that you are going to bring to the children and the party or event. In case the customer wants a budget price then your woman can go seek an alternative artiste, or Auntie Sarah who will have a go face piece of art, balloon twisting or doing a magic trick!

3. Or are you fearless enough to charge in addition to the industry norm. Will certainly you be an exceptional Face Painter or Kids Entertainer? Great, then fee for it. Don’t demean yourself; ask for what you deserve to be paid for, and that includes your service and the unspoken hours that you put in building your business. Be recognized for the value that you are increasing your customer’s lives. Anything of warning here – you will be run away of town if you charge thousands of dollars15143 and are simply a bog-standard average entertainer. You must be exceptional in your service, willing to go the extra mile through adding immense additional value to the lives of customers, then indeed you may charge the fees you so rightly should have!

There are people who will always buy on price alone and not on quality and likely to find that ‘budget’ is their middle name. Probably you know someone that way! However, it’s worth keeping in mind that there are people who will always pay that bit extra for value, for the ability it brings, and for the conceit it bestows.

? Generally there will always be those who will travel exceptional – it’s the same train or plane that transports those to their destination and it gets there at the same time, but there will always be those who will pay money for more comfort and an improved experience.

? Presently there will always be those who will pay a considerable sum extra for the senior professional hair stylist in a top-notch beauty shop as opposed to the trainee working in the chair next to her.

? There always exists those who will pay extra to enhance their image and self-esteem and that of their children’s by being the first to choose something that is new, different, unique and unusual (keeping up with the Joneses’).

So looking back at 3 of the different pricing strategies, which do you show up into in the face Painting or Children’s Entertainment business? Are you content with where you stand now? Is usually your customer happy with your cost and the level of service that you provide?

Are you being paid what you deserve? The time is now for a change?

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