Fishing Tips For Catfish – Rods, Reels, Rigs and Baits

Catfishing is a lot of fun. They are really quite numerous and are somewhat easy to catch. Catfish are found in most wetlands, rivers and ponds with the United States but also surrounding the world. Catfish is also excellent desk fare. There are lots of recipes, some passed down from era to generation and a few new recipes as technology has advanced. The following tricks for catfishing should help you in catching more and bigger catfish. best catfish rod

Catfish are a strong fish and can grow very large. Heavier equipment and handle are therefore required. Commonly, six to eight foot medium heavy to heavy fishing supports with soft tips are used. They allow much longer casts and possess the power to pull big fish away of moving water, clean piles or rock loads. 25 to 30 pound line, or heavier depending on conditions and size of fish that has been targeted, is not unusual. Heavy wire hooks and swivels, like those used in saltwater, are a good option.

Catfishing supports and reels should bring medium quality and price. Quality rods and fishing reels will last longer and be an improved investment in the end. The inexpensive combos at the neighborhood discount “mart” typically you don’t have good enough lug systems in the fishing reels or guides on the rods. Speak with someone in your local tackle store as many employees or managers not only work there but are incredibly good fishermen. Better yet, discussion to one of the catmen on your local water.

If you plan on catfishing with children, avoid purchasing the latest and greatest cute “cartoon” combos. They do not have enough strength to fight even a tiny catfish. In the event you “must” get these little combos, set them up to catch sunfish. A bobber, a tiny catch, and a few red worms will usually have the desired effect. Sunfish occupy many of the same areas that catfish do and kids can capture some of them and have a great time while you are looking forward to the pet to show up.

The rigs for catfish should be kept pretty basic. A “sliding sinker” or “dropper loop” setup should suffice for most situations. Use lighter sinkers for shallow water and heavy sinkers for moving normal water or drift fishing. Straight forward knots, the clinch knot or Palomar knot, can be used on sinkers, hooks and swivels.

Catfishing baits can be to some degree confusing. The best trap for catfish is natural live bait that is in the water you are fishing. Smaller baitfish, craws and worms are natural and found in most catfish waters. In some areas, you are allowed to catch your own live bait. In other areas you can purchase it from a nearby tackle store.

Manufactured “stinkbaits” work quite well and can easily be bought for purchase. You can also make your own stinky baits. Chicken livers and shrimp are bookmarks and easy to make. Position the livers or prawn tails in a protected container and set them in the sun for a couple of days. They will get started to decay and become quite odorous. Experiment by adding fish oil or garlic powder for a far more pungent odor.

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