Four Reasons Why The New Star Trek Movie Is Must Watch

forty seven years on and the mention of the Celebrity Trek name still provides goose bumps to their die hard fans or should we call them the ‘Trekkies’. After the inception of the series in the year 1966, the franchise which gone on to find a conspiracy status among the list of movie goers and TV watchers, is still moving at ‘warp’ rate in making an area in the newer generation’s center. It might seem to be far-fetched (and a little creepy), but there are some real ‘Sheldon Coopers’ present in this world who might be mistaking their real lives for the ‘Trekky’ life. Does the latest reboot of the series- ‘Star Trek into darkness’- meet the Trekkies’ expectations? We would as well answer that in Kling-on. Yes, it can do. Here is everything that you (Trekkie or not) need to know about the latest version before you watch it on TV. gomovies

one particular ) Guy Fest: With Chris Pine, Zachary Soldado, Karl Urban reprising their roles as Captain David T. Kirk, Primus Spock and Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy respectively and new addition of the very own Benedict ‘Sherlock’ Cumberbatch as the super villain ‘Khan’, the casting couldn’t have been better (though as Indians, there is this nagging feeling that whether it’s a ‘Khan’, then it needs to have been a ‘Khan’ from Bollywood). Ladies, you have sufficient opportunities to feast your eyes on these super cool guys (albeit, they mostly look with their shirts on) and guys, you can feast your eyes all over the place including the super cool dudes. 

2. Amazing Starting Sequence: The emergence of USS Enterprise from the clouds and Spock keeping the ‘doomsday’ planet Nibiru from extinction is a great beginning and an energetic introduction to the crew members that will set the pace for the rest of film production company.

3. A Super Bad ‘bad Guy’: Benedict Cumberbatch who takes on the titular character in ‘Sherlock’ is appearing as the chilling theif called (No prizes for guessing) ‘Khan’ or ‘Khan Noonien Singh’ (yes, the name can not get more Indian than this) in this movie. Armed with the super sexy tone that he has, the good guys in the star ship run a risk of being out-shined by him alone. Most we can say to the die hard ‘Trekkies’ who alreay have observed the 1982 movie ‘The Wrath of Khan’, is that, you will not be disappointed!

4. Kirk-Spock Romance: One of the key highlights of any Superstar Trek movie is the chemistry between the active duo (we can also call them the ‘Jay and Viru’ of star-ship USS Enterprise) Kirk and Spock. The friendship between the ever logical Spock and the hotheaded, excitement seeking Kirk have recently been captured wonderfully. Watch it specially for all your joking, arguing and getting into and out of sticky situations by both of them. You can expect to enjoy immensely.

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