How to Build an Internet Marketing Funnel That Hums – Part 1

To be successful in internet marketing you have to enthrall your audience’s attention. Only like broadcast tv set and basic cable stations try to hold your attention to show you ads, as an internet internet marketer you have to share with, teach and entertain your audience in order for them to hang around very long to acquire your products and services. So, after outlining all that you still might be wondering what an internet marketing launch is. An internet marketing funnel is simply the system of websites, getting pages, social networking programs, e-books, opt-in lists and so forth that you use for capturing leads and in the end generate a sale. Clickfunnels cost

The process of doing this has obtained increasingly complex with all different tools like Tweets, Facebook and the bunch of websites out there now. Below is a possible scenario for making traffic and leads in your marketing funnel: 

Stage 1) Article marketing-Use an article marketing site like EzineArticles which is essentially the most used and best site for creating traffic. Stage your prospects via the listing of your website, blog, Facebook and Tweets sites.

Step 2)Blog-Use your blog to educate and inform your prospects with great content.

Step 3)Use a site or you can use your blog to put an opt-in box

Stage 4)Get a e-book (there are lots of free ones where you can use them) to give away to prospects.

Stage 5)Set up a Facebook or myspace account and start adding friends from your other sources (website, marketing with articles and so on. ) Facebook also allows you to get started on a group within Facebook on any topic or niche you want. This is a great way to keep prospects engaged.

Step 6)Set up a Twitter accounts and use to create followers. This can be a great way to generate leads as well as keep your prospects engaged in what you are doing or promoting.

Step 7) Create an account with Utterli (formerly Utterz). This kind of is an useful device that allows you to post from your mobile phone by text or voice and it can be cross-posted to various other social networking sites including Twitter and Bebo also to your blogger weblogs. Quite simply this is a great way to do multiple tasks and make content across several platforms-an excellent time saver.

Finally, let me just say that successfully building a great funnel involves the use of a great deal of promoting tactics and sales psychology. Spending time learning how to get better at these techniques will save you from wasting a lot of time and money.

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