How to Get More Followers on Twitter

Myspace emphasises the number of followers you have. Imprinted on your Twitter account is the amount of times you have Tweeted, the quantity of folks you follow and the number of men and women pursuing you. It is like some badge of honor, as if raw numbers imply something important. likes

Of course, the number of fans you have is mainly unimportant. You could have a million followers, when none of them communicate with you, if none of them of them do nearly anything because of this of your Twitter posts or if none of them buy anything if you are in business, precisely what is the point? But you could have just 10 supporters who all interacted and who all were devoted customers. 

Having said that, people are keen to get more followers – because the whole Twitter set up emphasises the issue. Persons feel somewhat undervalued in case their friends have more followers than they can muster. Equally, business owners get into competitive situations, trying to get more followers than their rivals.

There is a great deal of myth about how precisely to get additional followers, as well as being a cranky, underhand techniques which boost your follower amount, but little else. Today, the first time, a long-term analysis has looked at the growth of Followers on twitter over time in more than 500 users and half a , 000, 000 Tweets.

The research verifies that you have followers when – surprise, surprise – you are social. Gowns right, hold conversations, conversation to people and you instantly appear more interesting and therefore very likely to be followed.

The study also demonstrates 3 things you must STEER CLEAR OF if you wish to gain followers.

Avoid these to gain Followers on twitter

Surprising as it may seem, hashtags are negative influencers of follower growth – particularly if you use them in the interest of them, or if you use them excessively
Negative opinions
Twitter is often packed with negative things, like grievances or criticism. But negative opinions makes you less attractive to others, so you won’t grow your fan count
Self focus
Discussion about yourself a whole lot and people don’t want to follow along with you
Do these to get additional Twitter followers

If you have tons of @replies in your Twitter stream, you gain more followers
Be useful
Provide useful information that includes an URL to original content. This is significant as it motivates “retweeting” which is also associated with increased fan counts.
Entertain location
Persons like to follow people nearby. When you captivate location, you gain more followers

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