London Bathroom Fitters- Minimum of Space – Maximum of Pleasure

Just like the supper at processed restaurant differs from prêt à manger snack, half an hour in a sweet-smelling bathtub contrasts with five minutes of fresh shower. Sadly, living conditions not always allow us to place a children’s pool or Jacuzzi in our bathroom. Let’s speak about bathing pleasure even within the smallest bathroom. Bathroom fitter Maidenhead

Showering geometry.

Probably, it is impossible to find an individual who would like to have a tiny bathroom. What is the sense of these? Narrowness, impossibility to equip a room on your own free will and everlasting dilemma: whether to place a bidet or a washing machine, to hold up a cabinet for bathing accessories or a heated towel rail? Every single of us would want to have a spacious room where it is possible to place a Jacuzzi, to lay nice carpets on the floor, and maybe even to place a relaxation nook – a bench with a tiny stand for cocktails. In other words, it would be great to remodel daily procedures into favour ones. But, perhaps, none of rooms in the house contrast between dream and reality as much as a bathroom. And you need to do something with that… 

Most of all, the toilet is a narrow rectangular where the bathtub itself is traditionally located along an extended wall, and near to it, in far nook, a rest room dish is mounted. Therefore, the remaining space is scarcely sufficient for movement. And after this let’s have a look at a long and inconvenient room with a brand new pair of eyes. Can be wrong with installation of a bathtub along the distant, short “side” or with inserting of corner-like variant? Such solution will allow installing of all sanitary equipment without the problems and remaining free space would be occupied with stylish interior favouring nice procedures. But it is not necessary to sit on the space with practical furniture or flowerpots bouquets – the effect of “spacious” bathroom will be lost! Some free space beautifies your bathrooms much more than the loveliest ornamental elements.

By the way, let’s remember such beautiful and having no additional space requirements way of bathroom decoration – variety and pictures over a glazed tile. It is possible to lay elegant design in order to get any picture suitable as of the palette and mood. You may add it with stucco moulding and relevant bathing accessories – and a bathroom of you dream is ready.

Gear problems.

One more timeless issue is installation of home appliances. To start with it pertain to a washer which is frequently appears to be unnecessary both in bathroom and in kitchen. In the bathroom there is not enough free space to place it and in the kitchen it is not always fit in interior. Actually to become alarmed to be on the horns of a problem. Just put the washing machine… into sliding-door wardrobe in a corridor or in the box-room. Such home nook allows both to save a kitchen room also to clear one main market square meter in bathroom.

Space economy.

When there is a discourse on space economy, the shower cabins and hip baths are remembered at once. But such alternatives are compulsory substitutes of fully-featured baths, and such choice is linked solely with shortage of space or with lack of skill to make good use of it. Many of these solutions may be employed by anyone but not by us.

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