Preppers and Survivalists: Which One Are You?

If you’re a fan of “Doomsday Preppers” or “The Walking Dead” you may well be considering to yourself, “am My spouse and i more of a prepper or more of a survivalist? ” Let’s look into the difference between preppers and survivalists and physique out which one you are. However, while there are some differences, with most people who show up into one of both the categories, there is a huge amount of overlap.  prepper shop

The Prepper’s Characteristics

A prepper is involved about everything from a natural catastrophe to the hyperinflation that will follow an economical collapse. Preppers have a lot in common with the “greatest generation” who lived through the Great Depression, in that they save and conserve and wish to be well prepared for anything. They have a food storage plan and makes it at least a several months on the food that they’ve stockpiled.

Preppers range from the guy next door that you would never desire of as a “whacko” doomsday person, to the full-blown “Doomsday Prepper. inch The key to the difference is the reality few who call themselves “preppers” would want to be called “survivalists. inch

The Survivalist’s Characteristics

A survivalist, one the other side of the or maybe hand, takes it one stage further. In addition to food, the survivalist will stock up on guns and ammunition and have an idea for a retreat from populated areas when society collapses. Oh yea yes, I forgot to mention that survivalists consider, much more than preppers, that society will fall. Survivalists assume that there will come a time when they will definitely have to protect themselves, their families and their food and supplies.

While there is of overlap between the two categories, those who are more into self-defense and concerned about societal collapse tend more toward the survivalist end of the continuum. Individuals more worried about with economical collapse or “merely” a power grid or supply chain failure or natural catastrophes (without the overall breakdown in law and order necessarily) would be comfortable with the “prepper” tag.

Now that you know the difference between a prepper and a survivalist, you have a decision to make. Even if you don’t believe in zombies or that the end of the world will be happening any time soon, you could make a choice whether to prepare for an crisis, such as hyperinflation or economical collapse. Although you may make no choice at all, you are really making a choice to stay unprepared.

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