Provestra – Review of the Female Libido Booster Provestra

Some women wish that they could increase their sex life and better gratify their partner. Provestra has made the claim to be able to improve the love-making life of women by taking the herbal health supplement in question. A great life in bed can often strengthen the relationship between partners. The supplement is supposed to permit women to enjoy better love-making using their partners.

Provestra is designed exclusively for females, and is made up of natural herbal substances. The herbal substances are chosen to rectify problems linked to hormonal instability and other hindrances for an improved sex life. The instructions that comes with Provestra shows that one tablet should be used each day. The price is about $50 for a months supply. Provestra promo code

Provestra Information

Some of the ingredients contained in the tablets are:

Licorice Basic
Red raspberry tea foliage
Valerian root
Ginger basic
Red Clover
Damiana leaf
Black Cohosh Root
The manufacturers of Provestra claim that the product has many results. Here are some of them:

Uses only natural ingredients to enhance woman sexual drive
Increases orgasm rate of recurrence and intensity
Helps building up and toning female uterine and sexual systems
Increases sexual response and girl sensitivity
Does not have any side results
Users claims these results are associated with the use:

Intensifies sexual sounds
Increases fertility
More fun sexual intercourse
Engorgement and blood circulation to the clitoris increase
More frequent sexual desire
How Provestra works

The herbal ingredients are stated to relate to the sexual cycle of a woman. The different portions of herbal ingredients act in a different way, while some may balance hormones, other ingredients improve the the flow of blood to the sex organs. The tablet are said to not only increase sex drive, but also deepen sexual climaxes and level of arousal.

Unwanted effects

Because of the plant based origin of the elements, the product is completely natural. There are no reported harmful side results. However, there are some reported instances where women have complained about an increase in breast size after using Provestra for an extended time period. It is advised that the health supplement is bought from an real site.

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