Super Dragon Ball Z Cheat Codes

Would like

Collect seven Dragon Pool balls to make a wish. Items on the Improved Set Of Wishes from Shenron are unlocked after making a second wish.

Kaio-Sama Planet: Watch the ending of Original function five times. dragon ball super

King Kai Planet: Make over five wishes to unlock this wish on the Improved Set Of Wishes. 

Full Piccolo: Listed on the Enhanced Set Of Wants.

Majin Vegeta: Listed on the Enhanced Set Of Wishes.

Mecha Frieza: Produce over ten wishes to unlock this wish on the Enhanced Group of Wants.

Ultimate Gohan: On the Enhanced Set Of Would like.

Videl: Make over five wishes to unlock this wish on the Improved Set Of Wishes.

Monster Finish: Successfully complete First mode with Goku, Gohan (Cell Arc), Vegeta, Cellular, Freeza, or Majin Vegeta without using any carries on.

Dragon Vitality: Have a total of fifty struggles (Original, Vs., Z-Survivor).

Monster Soul: Have an overall total of 100 struggles (Original, Vs., Z-Survivor).

Nappa’s Flame Pillar: Have a full Draw Match in Original, Versus, Z-Survivor method.

New Alternate Costume: Desire and unlock Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo, Kuririn, Google android 18, Chichi, or Videl’s third costume color to unlock another costume for that character.

New Version Scouter: To get a new blue Scouter, get your battle power to one million. Your Scouter will break. Collect the Dragon Balls to find the wish.

Final Version Scouter: Unlock the Fresh Model Scouter, then get your battle capacity to a certain level to unlock the wish.

Modify Wallpaper in Customize Setting: Press Up, Triangle, Straight down, X, L1, Square, R1, Circle. If you joined the code correctly, Goku will speak.

Majin Disapprove Narration Voice: Successfully complete Original mode with Majin Boo.

Videl Narration Words: Successfully complete Original setting with Videl.

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