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Most of us love eating beef steaks in well done, rare, and medium rare.  It can be grilled, curried, roasted or boiled in soup stocks and can be served as fast meals.  But whatever recipes we follow, as long as it is rich in taste and exquisite, it simply does not matter.  A lot of beef recipes can be found online, in a cookbook, or simply by watching a cooking show.  Your favorite chefs even have their own cookbooks where they share their secret beef recipes.  But the easiest way to get your healthy beef meal recipes is by searching it online because it is more convenient and cheaper.  But there are some who prefer to watch a cooking show on television to be able to know it step-by-step and to be visually stimulated.

I am not a chef or an apprentice, but I love eating and watching cooking shows on television.  One of the best recipes out there is from Bobby Flay because I simply love grilled foods.  Grilled foods may not be considered as fast meals since it will take around 30 minutes to a couple of hours from marinating and flavoring the meat to get a more rich taste from the dish.  Then preparing the grill may not be your favorite part as you need to wait for the right heat temperature to get your meal cooked right without burning some sections.

The other recipe that I love is tender and crisp chicken legs with sweet tomatoes by Jamie Oliver because it involves baking. The ingredients include chicken, basil, tomatoes, garlic and red chili.  It is cooked through an oven for one hour and thirty minutes and needs gentle cooking. Unfortunately it is also not considered as part of the fast meals list but some of his recipes online only take thirty minutes to cook and you will get a whole course meal.  Whatever recipe you follow as long as you cook it from the heart, the food will be tasty and rich in flavor because in cooking, the most important ingredient that should always be present is your love of cooking.

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