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Most people who do not get the miracle that they are looking for when it comes to cure are likely to be more interested in alternative medicine.  Alternative medicine has its own different categories but what is mostly beneficial to most is the natural healing of the body which is what its concept is all about.  When prescriptions from conventional medicine do not work, some people especially Asian patients turn to herbal supplements and other natural healing methods.  Yet not all doctors are readily open to the concept of alternative healing.  Most medical professionals have been studying their profession based on conventional medicine which relies on chemicals and drugs and how it affects the body organs.

However for other people, alternative medicine works great for specific health problems especially that its prescriptions are also geared to natural substances.  There is an advantage in dealing with stress and muscle pains through acupuncture.  Reflexology which studies healing of body pains through nerve endings found on the foot has also been used to treat body aches and other illnesses of the body’s vital organs.  A never ending on the foot once applied with pressure can target the healing of a body part such as the kidney, nose, and the stomach.  It may sound absurd for some but there have been individuals finding relief from their ailments through these methods.  These natural healing approaches have also been observed by East Asian medicine for several centuries.

Some people may not readily accept alternative medicine still as a good option to heal the body.  However, most of these methods that fall under the alternative medicine category have been well regarded for its advantage of not being intrusive and aggressive to the body when it comes to healing.  The prescriptions for herbal ingredients may have an immediate effect to the body as there are chemicals and nutrients in some of these supplements.  But it is also still a must for people to understand their limitations.  Remember that some of these herbal supplements may contain toxins from the plants as it may have not been purely extracted of its beneficial components.

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A home should be designed with some basic safety amenities such as a medicine cabinet.  But what do you put in your cabinet?  The items you put inside that medicine cabinet should be the must-haves when it comes to first aid for your family.  It is different when you have children as they are prone to accidents especially during playtime.  Adults who are living alone may just simply stock in their prescriptions but it is different when you have children at home.  Having a first aid kit and a medicine cabinet for minor illnesses can help relieve pain for minor bumps and cuts while you can also immediately attend to a more serious wound to stop the bleeding as you make your way to the hospital or wait for the ambulance.

Doctors can suggest some medicines in your cabinet especially if you have a special medical condition but the basic items you need are rubbing alcohol, band-aids, cotton balls, tweezers, scissors, iodine, thermometer, hot and cold packs, sterile gauze, surgical tape, eyedrops, and over-the-counter medicines.  There are medicines that are considered staples such as paracetamol, painkillers, antacids, cough and cold medicines, and antihistamines.  Other prescriptions medicine should be added especially for those who have any chronic illnesses but these should be away from the reach of children.  Although some medicines may have protection caps, there are just times when we are in a hurry that we for get to double check on the caps.

If your kid gets a cut or wound, immediately wash it with soap and water but take note that some bigger wounds and cuts should be taken care of by the doctor as these cannot just be healed with over-the-counter medicine.  Injuries where the patient is unconscious should be taken care of by the paramedics especially for those who fell from high above the ground.  Lifting and moving them on your own may cause more injuries if done wrong.  Prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines should also be checked from time to time for its expiration date.  Especially with OTC medicines which are rarely used, get an inventory check done regularly and throw away those that are about to expire.

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