The Best Movies Starring Or Featuring Matt Damon

Nick Damon is a fairly good actor. I more than likely say dr. murphy is the best out there, since many of his roles are similar, but I really like the guy and i also like almost all of the films he stars in. We love that he does indeed not take himself too seriously, which is mentioned by his ridiculous jobs in Eurotrip and on Entourage. 123movies

Let’s discuss some of Matt Damon’s best films so far in his career. 

Rounders is one film that definitely makes the list for me. Rounders is a show about playing online poker and hustling. This movie also stars Edward Norton, as well as Steve Malkovich in one of my favorite roles of his career.

Another amazing Matt Damon movies is Good Will Hunting. There may be little doubt that this is the film that put both Damon and Ben Affleck on the map. In fact, they also wrote the movie script together, for which they received an Academy Honor.

Ocean’s Twelve is another film that I will include on this list. I loved the first film, Ocean’s Eleven, but Matt Damon has a greater role in the second installment. This is the movie where they let Linus (Damon’s character) take on a bigger part of the heist.

1 other film that My spouse and i definitely have to refer to is The Bourne Personality. The Bourne movies are based on the persona made famous in the novels by Robert Ludlum, and while the action is better in the other film, the first payment is wherever everything starts.

The last movie that I will mention on this list may be the Left. This is easily among the finest movies of the previous decade and Damon was a major part of the reason why. Both Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio are fantastic in this movie.

It is clear after experiencing his movie list that Matt Damon has had quite his good share of great films.

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