What is WordPress? – An Introduction to Blogging

Should you believe you have something important to publish that others would read, then blogging is for you and WordPress may help make this happen. The best part is you can get your messages away to potentially millions of readers and subscribers for no cost at all. recipe plugin

Not only is it free, WordPress is very user-friendly and the velocity that you can get your blog set up and operating are 3 very good reasons to work with WordPress for your business or personal blogging needs. In truth, WordPress may easily be taken as a substitute for a traditional website. In these cases, these websites are called blog websites.

An additional good thing about using WordPress is that you do not have to learn how to code or create a website. At the easiest level, once it is to establish or installed, which is also uncomplicated, all you have to do is login your account, write your article and distribute it by clicking on the “Publish” button.

WordPress is an open source software. Open source, regarding to dictionary. com is defined as “A method and philosophy for software licensing and distribution designed to encourage use and improvement of software written by volunteers by making sure that anyone can replicate the source code and modify it freely. inches

In layman’s term, it mean anyone including you can create the WordPress code and modify it in any way and even redistributing it with your changes, if you have the programming skills to accomplish this. Wide open source also mean that WordPress is free and nobody may charge for the software. They can however charge for the service of installing or customising WordPress for example.

There are three editions of WordPress you can use depending on your preferences and available resources. Intended for an absolutely free version, you will get your blog managed by WordPress. com. The second version is a self-installed version, letting you sponsor your blog on your own domain and on your own web machine. The final version is named WordPress MU, which is a multi-user version, allowing you to offer websites across a group or organisation.

The real electricity of WordPress is noticed when you commence to set up plugins, to enhance or customise your WordPress blog. You can choose to install free plugins or create your own for your specific needs. Truly the WordPress website has a plugin repository to can browse for plug ins for nearly all purposes.

Everyone has something to say and with WordPress, it makes it easier for anyone to talk about nearly anything. Personal users can write about their holiday and upload some happy pictures or make use of it as a destination to record and share their favourite recipes. Businesses can keep customers informed about business related matters or even provide free educational information. As the stating goes “The sky is the limit”.

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